Our Staff

Alysha – Office Manager

Staff | Scottsdale Pediatric Behavioral ServicesAlysha is the SPBS Office Manager and oversees all Billing, Payroll, Invoicing, and Scheduling operations.

Alysha has been working in the ABA field for over 2 years. She began her career as a Behavior Technician and transitioned to an administrative role once she discovered her passion for designing and coordinating operations from a systems level. She has a Bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University in Psychology and Early Childhood Development.

Alysha was born in Kenai, Alaska. Her favorite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast and her favorite superhero is Michelangelo the Ninja Turtle because she shares his love of pizza.

Behavior Technicians


Staff | Scottsdale Pediatric Behavioral ServicesBefore starting her career as a Behavior Technician for SPBS almost 1 year ago, Alex worked as a nanny, aide, and interpreter for patients with developmental disabilities. Alex graduated from Northern Arizona University with a Bachelor’s degree in Child Psychology. Her interest for combining science with an evidence-based therapeutic approach motivated her to pursue a career in direct ABA service.

Alex’s favorite Disney movie is the Lion King, her favorite superhero is Batman, and an interesting fact about her is that she has younger triplet siblings.


Staff | Scottsdale Pediatric Behavioral ServicesAustin has more than a year of direct ABA experience and more than 6 years of experience doing habilitation, respite, and vocational rehabilitation. Austin’s primary interests include problem behavior reduction and aggressive behavior management. Austin’s discovered his passion for ABA while working with a patient who was receiving services and making significant progress.

Austin’s favorite Disney movie is a tie between Finding Nemo and Monsters Inc., his favorite superhero is Spiderman, and an interesting fact about him is that he has climbed the tallest mountain in Arizona.


Staff | Scottsdale Pediatric Behavioral ServicesCarrie has over a year of direct experience conducting ABA therapy in home, school, and clinical settings. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Science from Northern Arizona University. Carrie particularly became interested in ABA after working as a respite provider and wanting to increase her skills to help children learn in new and effective ways.

Carrie’s favorite animated movies are Peter Pan, Aladdin, and Tangled. Her favorite superhero is Ironman and an interesting fact about her is that she has a twin brother.


Staff | Scottsdale Pediatric Behavioral ServicesDylan has been in the field of ABA for several years working as a behavior therapist, assistant supervisor, and training coordinator. Dylan just completed his Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction from Arizona State University and is currently pursuing his BCBA certification. Dylan became increasingly interested in ABA after working and coaching with the Special Olympics.

Dylan’s favorite animated movies and shows include Phineas and Ferb and Despicable Me. His favorite superhero is Spiderman and interesting facts about him include his love for cooking and his hobby of coin collecting.


Staff | Scottsdale Pediatric Behavioral ServicesKatelyn has been working in ABA for 3 years. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Youngstown State University in 2012 and became a Registered Behavior Technician in 2015. After graduating college and searching for a career, she stumbled into the field of ABA and fell in love with the science based nature and rewarding aspects of the job.

In her spare time, Katelyn likes to golf and snowboard. Her favorite animated movie is Despicable Me and her favorite superhero is Spider-Man.


Staff | Scottsdale Pediatric Behavioral ServicesMike has over 5 years of direct ABA therapy experience. Mike got into the field after hearing about his sister’s work with special needs children in the school setting. Mike’s particular interests include parent training, aggressive behaviors, and problem behavior reduction strategies. Mike received his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Arizona State University.

Mike’s favorite animated movies are Lion King and Finding Nemo and his favorite superhero is Batman. Mike’s most special talent is “almost always” being able to tell if dinosaurs used in the movies are real or not.


Staff | Scottsdale Pediatric Behavioral ServicesPaige has over 3 years of ABA therapy experience working with children between the ages of 2-15 years old. Paige received her Bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus in Psychology and Family and Child Development. In addition, Paige is currently pursuing her Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction and her BCBA certification.

Paige has a passion for working with special needs children and has particular interests in early intervention, staff training, and parent training. Paige’s favorite animated movies are Despicable Me, Finding Nemo, and Enchanted and her favorite superhero is Batman. If she wasn’t a behavioral therapist, Paige’s dream job would be managing the administrative operations of an ABA practice or hiking and biking in the mountains with her dogs.