The Scottsdale PBS Difference

All of our direct supervisors are Doctors

We will be adding our third Doctoral-level Board Certified Behavior Analyst to the practice in October 2016. We have pursued the highest level of training and certification possible to practice behavior analysis. You and your children will receive care from one of the most highly trained and qualified team of professionals available in the Valley.

Your child will have at least 2 doctors on their case at all times

All of our patients have both a primary and secondary supervisor on their case. We take a truly collaborative, team-based approach to treatment at Scottsdale PBS. This means your child will have a team of Doctoral level experts on their case at all times.

We train our staff at least 4-6 hours every week

We have a dedicated training room in our practice that is used to present new research, train on essential topics, and keep up with all of the current needs of our patients. We train all of our direct care staff to be competent professionals who are experts in the delivery of comprehensive behavior therapy services. We run our staff training like a college course, presenting and assigning readings pertaining to best-practice guidelines and advances in our science, and testing them on all of the content we discuss. Our staff are required to re-take any quiz they score below an 80%. In addition, our staff trainings are scheduled for each Tuesday and Thursday morning and do not interfere with the delivery of clinical services for our patients.

We buy each of our patients their very own bin of brand news toys and frequently rotate in new toys

Each child is uniquely motivated by different things and we consider it part of our job to provide the most interesting, valuable, and productive items possible to the child to make therapy fun, engaging, and rewarding.

Our facility was designed to be one of the best in the country

We have a brand new 8,000 square foot therapy and training facility located in Scottsdale, Arizona. We have 10 therapy rooms, 5 one-way mirror rooms, a glass-walled training room, a safety room, a staff lounge, and 2 large kindergarten-readiness classrooms. We have hard wood floors, an open and sunshine filled floorplan, and a full time dedicated facility cleaner who utilizes only natural, non-toxic chemicals to clean and maintain a safe and healthy therapy environment.

We tailor the therapy experience to the needs of the child

We don’t have a specific program, “box”, or canned approach that we use for all patients. We assess and individualize our therapy design and implementation to the unique needs of the child. The way we deliver instruction, play with a child, or design therapeutic programs has to be interesting.

Our facility was designed as a research and training facility in addition to a therapy clinic

With our expert Doctoral-level supervisors and an upcoming commitment to host and train Arizona State University Master’s level students, we designed the facility to be training and research friendly. We have five large one-way observation mirrors built with safety glass over a half-inch thick. In addition, every therapy room will have mounted cameras and every classroom will have two mounted cameras that will be used for training, data-collection, and observation purposes. We want to emphasize a training mindset and environment that is friendly to parents, professionals, students, and staff.

We thoroughly measure, evaluate, and sustain high performance levels from our staff

Our direct therapy staff, in addition to our doctoral supervisors, are thoroughly and objectively evaluated on a consistent basis to ensure the highest level and quality of care. Our staff are evaluated through video observations of their sessions, a thorough review of their data collected during session, parent evaluations collected monthly, and test scores from twice weekly trainings.

We embrace the digital revolution and collect and share all of our data digitally with parents

Our staff are assigned Go-Pro camera kits and brand new iPad Pros to film their sessions and collect data digitally with an ABA software program. This results in almost real-time collection and review of the data by our supervisors who can then make quick changes and responsive adjustments to staff training or implementation of the programming protocols. In addition, all of our parents will be assigned login credentials as of October 2016 and will be able to access all of their child’s programming data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We collaborate with and include parents in the treatment process

We believe in total transparency with parents by providing them access to film, allowing them to sit behind observation mirrors and observe sessions, conducting monthly review meetings with the Doctors so that parents can ask questions and share info, and providing secure, online portal access so that parents can review their child’s treatment data at any time.

We plan to publish parent-friendly books, videos, and digital applications

Our primary mission is to bring behavioral science to as many people as possible. Every person who interacts with other people as part of their daily routine can benefit from this science. All parents, teachers, and professionals who work with children are utilizing the principles of ABA whether they are aware of it or not. We want to equip people with the tools to utilize the science of behavior intentionally to achieve effective, lasting, and beneficial outcomes for children.