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Articles for Episode 1: Screen Time, Picky Eaters, and Potty Training Readiness

Dr. Boney Explains Food Chaining
New Screen Time Standards from the American Academy of Pediatrics
Dr. Jacob Boney Answers Parent’s Question about Potty Training

Articles for Episode 2: Homework Help and Explaining ABA

What is ABA? 
Dr. Jacob Boney on Helping with the Homework Process

Articles for Episode 3: Seclusion in Schools and Decreasing Physical Aggression

Decreasing Physical Aggression
Seclusion Rooms in Schools

Articles for Episode 4: “Difficult” Children and Entitled Teens

“Difficult” Children
Entitled Teens

Articles for Episode 5: Teaching Empathy and Parenting in the Heat of the Moment

Teaching Empathy
Parenting In The Heat Of The Moment