Episode 1 Articles

Dr. Jacob Boney Answers Parent’s Question about Potty Training

April 6, 2017

How do I know when my child is ready to start potty training? Potty training has some universal characteristics. Every parent knows that, sooner or later, it’s a hurdle in their child’s development that is going to have to be conquered. Plus, everyone they know, or randomly bump into on the street, is going to […]

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New Screen Time Standards from the American Academy of Pediatrics

April 4, 2017

What are the screen time standards for children set by the American Academy of Pediatrics based on? In an effort to make behavioral science useful and applicable, Dr. Jacob Boney, owner and clinical director of Scottsdale Pediatric Behavioral Services, addresses questions from the community. Specifically, in this article, Dr. Boney explains some of the rationale […]

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Dr. Jacob Boney Explains Food Chaining

April 1, 2017

How can food chaining increase the number of foods your child likes? Many parents soon realize how very challenging it can be to instill healthy eating patterns in their young children, even as they recognize how important it is. Not only do picky eaters create a lot of stress and chaos in the family environment, […]

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