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We have pursued the highest level of training and certification possible to practice behavior analysis. Behavior Therapy is an evidence-based treatment for patients with a wide range of cognitive, behavioral, genetic, and developmental disorders.

Behavior analytic principles have been utilized to assess and treat almost every imaginable human behavior deficit and excess. The science of ABA utilizes the most effective and evidence-based methods to change behaviors in a safe, efficient, and developmentally appropriate manner.


You and your children will receive care from one of the most highly trained and qualified team of professionals available in the Valley. Currently, we have 4 doctoral level supervisors on staff as well as an independent evaluator and 2 BCBA supervisees. We take a truly collaborative, team-based approach to treatment at Scottsdale PBS. This means your child will have a team of Doctoral level experts on their case at all times, looking over their data and progress multiple times every week.



We don’t have a specific program, “box”, or canned approach that we use for all patients. We assess and individualize our therapy design and implementation to the unique needs of the child. The way we deliver instruction, play with a child, or design therapeutic programs has to be interesting. Many children who present with somewhat typical problem behaviors exhibit measurable improvements within a few sessions. Children with significant problem behaviors or impairments will require more support and skill acquisition training to show consistent improvements. However, the goal will always be to implement treatment that results in consistent and measurable progress in the child’s social, emotional, and adaptive functioning skills.

We believe in total transparency with parents by providing them access to film, allowing them to sit behind observation mirrors and observe sessions, conducting monthly review meetings with the Doctors so that parents can ask questions and share info, and providing secure, online portal access so that parents can review their child’s treatment data at any time.

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