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Brittany Cookman

ABA Therapy & Behavior Health located in North Scottsdale, Scottsdale, AZ


About Brittany Cookman



Originally from Phoenix, Brittany moved to California for 2 years to further her education. She then spent some time in Virginia before moving back to Arizona this past year. 

Brittany started her career in ABA as a behavior technician in 2012. Having her undergrad degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences, she had some insight into the field but this first job convinced her to pursue her Master’s Degree in Applied Behavioral Analysis. She brings with her to SPBS a particular strength and passion in early intervention as well as staff and parent training. Outside of work, Brittany likes to spend time with her family, her dogs, and loves hiking.



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“I love just being with the kids, working with them, playing with them, and just seeing them progress day to day.”

- Brittany Cookman