Our team provides comprehensive behavior-analytic treatment to patients who present with a variety of behavioral deficits (behaviors that do not occur frequently enough) and excesses (behaviors that occur too frequently). Treatment may include:

Comprehensive ABA Therapy

Our behavior technicians deliver skill-acquisition and behavior-reduction services in the clinic, home, school, and community settings. Services can range from 10-40 hours per week with multiple staff members and can occur across a combination of settings. We conduct comprehensive assessments to guide skill-acquisition and behavior-reduction programming. We address every facet of a child’s behavioral functioning—including functional language, social skills, play skills, academic skills, self-care skills, problem behaviors, etc. through custom-designed programming designed to fit the developmental needs of each child.

Parent/Teacher/Direct-Care Staff Training

Throughout the treatment process our BCBAs will provide behavioral skills training (BST) for all caregivers involved, including behavior technicians, parents, teachers, and other caregivers. Training will focus on all relevant behavior-reduction and skill-acquisition targets identified for your child through the ongoing assessment process.

Instructional Programming

Our clinical team will design and tailor skill-acquisition programs to systematically increase adaptive, social, play, academic, self-care, and functional language skills. These goals will be identified through assessments as well as parent consultation. In addition, parents will learn to implement skill-acquisition programming and will be instrumental in ensuring patients generalize new skills in all relevant environments and with a variety of caregivers.

Problem Behavior Reduction Programming

After conducting a functional analysis, we will develop a comprehensive, function-based treatment plan detailing the antecedent, consequence, and other environmental manipulations necessary to reduce and replace problem behaviors with functionally equivalent adaptive behaviors that are safer, healthier, and more effective for the child and family. We will provide extensive training to all individuals involved in the child’s treatment to ensure procedures are implemented consistently and with fidelity across caregivers and environments.