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Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluations

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Complete Holistic Assesments.

Our Assesments Empower Your Child’s Long-Term Growth and Success.

Clarity is key to aiding your child in their behavioral development. You may have a feeling that your child is somehow different from other typically developing same-aged peers, though you may not know exactly what those differences are. Our full spectrum assesments provides clarity to your concerns and will help answer the questions you have most. We believe that it is important to understand each child as a whole, rather than simply a checklist of symptoms.

Full Spectrum Assessment

We offers various diagnostic assessments for children ages 2-17 including: Autism assessments, developmental preschool evaluations, giftedness testing, psychoeducational evaluations, and neuropsychological assessments.

Open Minded Diagnostics

At Scottsdale PBS we attempt to avoid confirmation bias by keeping an open mind and considering various causes/explanations for your child’s strengths and areas of improvement.

Comprehensive Evaluations

Each of our evaluations include the following: An initial intake interview with parents/caregivers, review of relevant/provided records, and detailed feedback from all parties to produce a comprehensive written report of evaluation and recommendations.

A Truly Complete Assesment

Comprehensive assessment requires several hours of testing, with breaks as needed. As a result, the entire evaluation process typically spans between one to four days depending on the type of evaluation and the diagnostic considerations of each individual child.

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