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autism diagnostic exam

An Expert Assessment for a Strong Start.

Our Thorough Process Ensures a Confident Diagnosis and Plan.

Our assessment process helps us construct individually-tailored treatment plans. As such, we may take a multi-faceted approach to assessment that could look different for each child. Assessments take place both during the initial intake process and throughout treatment. Ranging from brief 30-60 minute interviews and observations to comprehensive evaluations that address every facet of a child’s skill deficits and problem behaviors, evaluations can include some or all of the following components:

Semi-Structured Interview and Self-Reporting

Direct interviews with parents, caretakers, and patients help us understand the overall situation and identify important goals.


As behavior analysts, we treat behaviors that are observable and measurable. We observe our patients in various environments to understand triggers and environmental behavior catalysts.

Functional Interview

Our functional interviews of family members, teachers, and caregivers helps us identify cause and effect, as well as subsequent responses of certain behaviors which we need to address.

Functional Analysis

Functional analysis is the strategic and systematic process of altering the environment to turn problem behaviors on and off, observing environmental contingincies that can make a big difference for your child.

Treatment Analysis

Our function-based treatment package is developed, tested, evaluated, and optimized to ensure positive results, then shared with caregivers to implement the intervention long-term.

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