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Our Treatment Plan Starts With You.

A Consultation Helps Us Evaluate Your Child’s Needs and Goals.

We take a customized approach for every patient who enters our doors. That’s why we only develop a treatment plan once we’ve had the chance to chat with you and your child, introduce you to our capabilities and facilities, and decide whether we’ll be a good match for your child. Our consultation process includes:


A screening phone call where we’ll go over diagnosis information, any previous treatment and insights from other educators and clinicians, learn more about your child, including age and behaviors, and review insurance information and costs.


In-person meeting where you’re introduced to the team and we get to see you and your child face-to-face on our beautiful Scottsdale campus. Here, you’ll get to preview how your child’s days will be occupied in our program.


If we believe that our program is the right fit for your family, we’ll proceed to the assessment plan, which gives us an opportunity to speak more in-depth, observe behavior, and create a treatment plan which will be submitted both to you and your insurance company.

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