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Behavioral Training Process

You Are Your Child’s Most Powerful Ally.

Parent and Caregiver Training Ensures Consistency and Success.

Positive Parent Strategies

Our clinical supervisors provide support for families and behavior technicians throughout the treatment process and across a variety of settings. We utilize a behavioral approach in all aspects of our practice, including in the areas of staff supervision and parent training. In addition to direct parent and caregiver training, we also offer support for parents in the school setting.

Behavioral Skills Training (BST)

Behavior analysts use behavioral skills training (BST) to teach a wide range of skills to a variety of individuals. This teaching package consists of instructions, modeling, rehearsal, and feedback. We use this evidence-based training package extensively to provide training for our behavior technicians as well as our patients’ families.

Behavior Technician Supervision and Training

Our team of BCBAs trains, supervises, and monitors our professional behavior technicians who provide behavior analytic services in the clinic, home, school, and community settings. Training and supervision occur in-vivo and through video recordings across multiple settings. Our BCBA supervisors provide frequent feedback and individual training when necessary. Our team meets twice weekly to analyze data, review program changes, and discuss behavior-analytic readings.

Parent and Caregiver Training

To ensure behavior changes occur with a variety of individuals and across relevant environments, our clinical team provides extensive parent and caregiver training. We implement evidence-based training procedures in our state-of-the-art training facility as well as in the home to ensure parents are confident and competent when implementing our treatment recommendations. Our goal is to provide parents the tools necessary to be change agents in their child’s life.

IEP/School Advocacy

Your child’s BCBA supervisor will attend and participate in meetings to advocate for your child’s behavioral needs in the academic environment. Our clinical team will help to design and optimize an environment in which your child’s academic, social, and independent functioning skills can improve and increase without significant interference from problem behaviors or punitive

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