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Early Autism Assessment

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Help Your Child Thrive With ASD

Austism spectrum disorder doesn’t have to stop your child’s behavioral development. At Scottsdale PBS we assist your child in their difficulties engaging in social interactions and making and maintaining friends with other children.

Our goal at Scottsdale PBS is to provide thorough evaluations to allow for opportunities for early and proactive interventions that can help minimize your child’s failures, improve their chances for success, and provide additional insight on how to best support your child’s emotional, behavioral, and academic development. Areas assessed through this evaluation include intellect, language development, pre-academic readiness skills, selfregulatory skills, emerging executive functioning, motor, and social-emotional skills.


What are Early Signs of Autism

Our early signs of autism experts and assesments can help spot the signs of early autism spectrum disorder with more accuracy. Some signs of autism can include: limited or no shared enjoyment in social games, poor conversational skills, limited social engagement and reciprocity, poor eye contact and other forms of nonverbal or social difficulties.


Assessment Instruments and Tools

At Scottsdale PBS, our psychologist utilizes a variety of stategies to assess your child’s social skills, use of language, adaptive skills, behavioral concerns, and, if necessary, executive functioning.


Early Autism Evaluation

Each of our autism evaluations include the following: An initial intake interview with parents or caregivers, a review of any relevant records, and detailed feedback to produce a comprehensive report of our findings and recommendations.

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