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Autism Q & A

What is autism?

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD), often referred to simply as autism, includes a range of conditions that cause challenges with social skills, speech, and nonverbal communication. 

Each patient with an autism disorder has a unique set of strengths and challenges that can interfere with their ability to learn, think, solve problems, and communicate with others. Additionally, patients with autism need varying levels of support to thrive.

Signs of autism usually emerge around the age of 2 or 3, and the average age of diagnosis is around 4 years old. If you suspect your child has autism, schedule an appointment for an assessment. Early diagnosis and treatment contribute to positive outcomes later in life. 

What are the common signs of autism?

Autism causes two primary types of behaviors — restricted or repetitive actions and social, communication, and interaction behaviors. For example, some common signs of an autism disorder include:

  • Repeating certain behaviors
  • Demonstrating unusual behaviors
  • Having overly focused or restricted interests
  • Having a lasting and intense interest in a specific topic

Children with autism may also have increased sensitivity to light, noise, temperature, or the texture of clothing or other surfaces. Some children have digestive problems, sleep disruptions, and overall irritability. 

When should I talk to a behavior specialist about my child’s behavior?

Pediatricians sometimes pick up on early warning signs of autism during routine checkups. However, if you think your child is showing signs of an autism disorder, make an appointment at Scottsdale Pediatric Behavioral Services right away. 

The team of highly educated and experienced pediatric behavioral specialists provides comprehensive assessments to identify and diagnose the condition behind your child’s behavior. 

Then they use applied behavior analysis (ABA) principles to create a customized treatment program to help your child.

How can a behavior specialist help my child?

The team at Scottsdale Pediatric Behavioral Services uses ABA therapy to create personalized treatment programs to help your child learn and practice behaviors and skills that help them reach their full potential. 

ABA focuses on building a foundation of trust and positive reinforcement to encourage desired behaviors and capabilities while reducing less desirable behaviors. 

The team works with you, your child’s educators, and other caregivers to ensure consistent positive reinforcement in all environments. 

The team at Scottsdale Pediatric Behavioral Services is committed to delivering the best possible, evidence-based therapy to help your child thrive. Call the practice or schedule an appointment online today.