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Scottsdale Pediatric Behavioral Services in Scottsdale, Arizona, is committed to providing highly personalized therapy and interventions to help your child thrive. A behavioral analysis presents comprehensive information about your child’s strengths and weaknesses that allows Jacob Boney, PsyD, BCBA-D, and the team to tailor your child’s treatment plan to address their specific needs. Additionally, the data collected during a behavioral analysis provides a benchmark to show your child’s progress. Call Scottsdale Pediatric Behavioral Services or schedule a consultation online today for your child’s behavioral assessment.

Behavioral Assessment Q & A

What is a behavioral assessment?

A behavioral assessment is an evaluation of your child’s emotional, behavioral, and developmental strengths and weaknesses. 

It’s a series of tests that measure your child’s functional skills and collates the data the behavioral analysts and therapists use to create personalized treatment plans aimed at reducing problematic behaviors and encouraging positive behaviors. 

What is included in a behavioral assessment?

The team at Scottsdale Pediatric Behavioral Services use a variety of tools to measure your child’s skills, including:

Assessment of functional living skills (AFLS)

This assessment measures your child’s capabilities in several areas, including:

  • Basic living skills
  • Home skills
  • Community participation skills
  • School skills
  • Independent living skills
  • Vocational skills

The AFLS assessment is tailored to your child’s age. As your child grows up, the team recommends repeating this assessment to measure their development and gauge their capacity for independence. 

Assessment of basic language and learning skills (ABLLS)

The ABLLS assessment identifies if your child has language delays or learning gaps compared to their peer group. 

While all children develop and learn at their own pace, specific milestones should be achieved within certain age ranges. This test also helps develop objects and goals for your child to work on in therapy.

Verbal behavior milestones assessment and placement program (VB-MAPP)

VB-MAPP is a criterion-based assessment tool that helps the team at Scottsdale Pediatric Behavioral Services set goals for therapy and track your child’s progress. The assessment uses criteria including tact, listening skills, motor skills, and independent and social play. 

Applied behavior analysis based discrete trial teaching (ABA-based DTT)

ABA-based DTT is an interventional method for skill development. This practice is a highly-structured approach to teaching that breaks skills down into small, teachable components that build on each other. 

How does a behavioral assessment help my child?

Behavioral assessments provide the personalized data that the team at Scottsdale Pediatric Behavioral Services needs to create an effective personalized treatment program for your child. 

Children with developmental and behavioral disorders have unique needs, and these assessments provide the understanding the team needs to serve your child best. 

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